Sunday, May 3, 2015

Android Interview Questions 2015

what is object serialisation.
Object serilzation is  a process of converting the  object into stream of bites.
what is implicit and explicit intent?

what is the difference between relative layout and linear layout.

how different application communicate with other application.

States of activity.
An activity has essentially four states:
  • If an activity in the foreground of the screen (at the top of the stack), it is active or running.
  • If an activity has lost focus but is still visible (that is, a new non-full-sized or transparent activity has focus on top of your activity), it is paused. A paused activity is completely alive (it maintains all state and member information and remains attached to the window manager), but can be killed by the system in extreme low memory situations.
  • If an activity is completely obscured by another activity, it is stopped. It still retains all state and member information, however, it is no longer visible to the user so its window is hidden and it will often be killed by the system when memory is needed elsewhere.
  • If an activity is paused or stopped, the system can drop the activity from memory by either asking it to finish, or simply killing its process. When it is displayed again to the user, it must be completely restarted and restored to its previous state.
The following diagram shows the important state paths of an Activity. The square rectangles represent callback methods you can implement to perform operations when the Activity moves between states. The colored ovals are major states the Activity can be in.
State diagram for an Android Activity Lifecycle.

http rest api description.

instgram clone how is your approach?

whatsapp clone whats your approach?

Difference between array and array list?
 * Array have fixed size where array list not.
 * You cannot use generics in array where in array list you can
 *You cannot store primitive values in array list only object can be stored in arrayl ist where array can    contain both primitive and objects.

How notification works in android.

Have you work on any github api

what is gradle?

what is test driven programming ?

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