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Split String in Crystal Report Using Formula using any character (|,,<,>)

Unformatted String stored in database: CustomerID:1020 |type:Current|City:Karachi|Country:Pakistan
The code should be written inside the formulae editor
 Create a new formula name it whatever you like 
e.g @formatString 
formulae field to display  the formatted string after splitting is given below:

stringVar array stringArray := split({Tablename.toFormatedField},"|");
Local numberVar i;
Local stringVar outputFormattedString := ""; 

For i:=1 to Count(stringArray) do(
outputFormattedString := outputFormattedString + stringArray[i] + Chr(10)
outputFormattedString;  The outputString is :

Cocos2d-X Tutorial Setting up project

Goto and download stable one Extract it by double click In older the file to install template but not now Goto tools ->projectCreator> Goto terminal Cd drag n drop projectcreator folder to terminal
To generate a project write this in terminal rename it as ur project name and package name: python -project tutorial -package com.naushad.firstgame -language javascript
-project is project name -package is your package name -language language for this project. Now project is createdgoto project folder than class prject for ios click on project file it will open in xcode