Sunday, March 16, 2014

Split String in Crystal Report Using Formula using any character (|,,<,>)

Unformatted String stored in database:
CustomerID:1020 |type:Current|City:Karachi|Country:Pakistan
The code should be written inside the formulae editor
 Create a new formula name it whatever you like 
e.g @formatString 
formulae field to display  the formatted string after splitting is given below:

stringVar array stringArray := split({Tablename.toFormatedField},"|");
Local numberVar i;
Local stringVar outputFormattedString := ""; 

For i:=1 to Count(stringArray) do(

outputFormattedString := outputFormattedString + stringArray[i] + Chr(10)

The outputString is :

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cocos2d-X Tutorial Setting up project

Goto and download stable one
Extract it by double click
In older the file to install template but not now
Goto tools ->projectCreator>
Goto terminal
Cd drag n drop projectcreator folder to terminal

To generate a project  write this in terminal rename it as ur project name and package name:
python -project tutorial -package com.naushad.firstgame -language javascript

-project is project name
-package is your package name
-language language for this project.
Now project is created  goto project folder than class prject for ios click on project file it will open in xcode

That’s it.

Postman beginner Tutorial

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