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Displaying Multiple Columns in Crystal Report.

Problem: Display data horizontally in Crystal report.  If you Want  to display horizontally data in crystal report you can use Multiple columns option  for example if you want to display following data horizontally Student ID           Name C0801                    Name1 C0802                    Name2 C0803                    Name3 C0804                    Name4 C0805                    Name5 Like this Student ID           Name     Student ID             Name                                   C0801                    Name1  C0802                    Name2 C0803                    Name3  C0803                    Name4 C0805                    Name5  C0806                    Name6 You can easily break rows into several columns horizontally according to your needs. Solution: Displaying data horizontally in Crystal report. For achieving multiple columns you need to create Mail Lable report in report wizard although this option is also available in Standard report Format but I found some difficulties ther…