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Let's start Android Development tutorial with snapshots

I have Eclipse Ganymede and i have started development on it you can do it easily just follow the steps Go to :Download SDK Start Eclipse, then select Help > Software Updates.... In the dialog that appears, click the Available Software tab.

Click Add Site... If you have trouble aqcuiring the plugin, try using "http" in the Location URL, instead of "https" (https is preferred for security reasons).
Click OK.

Back in the Available Software view, you should see the plugin listed by the URL, with "Developer Tools" nested within it. Select the checkbox next to Developer Tools and click Install...

On the subsequent Install window, "Android DDMS" and "Android Development Tools" should both be checked. Click Next.
Read and accept the license agreement, then click Finish.
Restart Eclipse.
Now modify your Eclipse preferenc…

How to Connect MS Access with SQL SERVER & Genrate reports in ACCESS in Simple Steps

Open MS Access and Create Database:
Click on External Data tab n click on More Click ODBC Database which shows this Wizard select Link to data source..... and click OK: Click New (leave this DSN empty Ignore tester in above image ) :
Select SQL SERVER and Click Next: then Browse Write DSN filename(like tester)                                                    on  server: Dropdownlist select your sqlsever name or simply open sqlmanagement n copy paste its server name here as shown in images:  select  database like Pizzanext from database after clicking on check box: here i have selected town table for generating report and my Town table is available in MSACCESS

Now, you can Modify SQL database from MS Access :)
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