Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blogspot error solution ("Please correct the errors on this form.")

after 30mins of struggle i found a solution:)
1)Click on Layout Button.
2)Click on Edit HTML.
3) Now, in code given below go at the bottom by scrolling.
4)copy  this line

and paste after this line  and change Blog1 to Blog2.

click on Save Template.
6) check your blog now you have 2 BLOG POSTS remove older one from the code like we did copy i:e

remove above line


  1. Is this safe? If I don't do this correctly because of my lack of knowledge in html, will my blogger end up becoming all screwy?

  2. aaah its better to take a backup before doing it.just copy your orignal one in a text file than do these steps.

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  4. Please Visit Following Link. You may find a better & Saver Solution to "please correct the errors on this form" error.

  5. Neither this fix nor Neetu's link fixed this problem for me.

  6. Didn't work for me. Just understand one thing, there is no such thing as Edit HTML in Layout. So stop wasting people's valuable time and come up with something productive

  7. Don't do Anything in the HTML... Just use Google Chrome browser it will gives no error.


  8. I use google chrome and still have the error!!

    1. I have a solution here to this problem ..

  9. I know many peoples are asking about the error in blogger , which is when we want to add an adsense widget in blogger, it probably gives an error, Please correct the errors on this form. So, I decided to write a tutorial about this problem. In this solution i am not adding any HTML/JAVASCRIPTS widget, but I have an unique method .. Chect it out here , thank you !


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