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Blogspot error solution ("Please correct the errors on this form.")

after 30mins of struggle i found a solution:)
1)Click on Layout Button.
2)Click on Edit HTML.
3) Now, in code given below go at the bottom by scrolling.
4)copy  this line

and paste after this line  and change Blog1 to Blog2.

click on Save Template.
6) check your blog now you have 2 BLOG POSTS remove older one from the code like we did copy i:e

remove above line

Install Linux using Bootable USB.

Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive:
Just download the UNetbootin software and save it somewhere useful, double-click to run.
I chose to use an already downloaded ISO image of the Ubuntu installation cd, and then chose my USB flash drive, and clicked the OK button.

Now,your USB become bootable.Don't forget to change your systems booting sequence i.e USB first.

Download UNetbootin

Install Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 from USB.Make bootable USB

EDIT ( NEW: Microsoft provided a software click here to download)
My Laptop dvd writer was not working and I have to install new operating I decided to install OS using my achive  this:
I have to make my USB bootable
Make first boot My USB Drive instead of dvd writer or hard disk
This post tells you how to install Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 from USB.

You just need :
Novicorp WinToFlash 0.4.0013 (2.10MB)
A USB of sufficient size about (1 to 4 GB minimum).

Make Bootable USB by Extracting 'Novicorp WinToFlash 0.4.0013' after downloading.

Click on 'WinToFlash.exe' to start the process.

This software provides two modes of transfer
Wizard mode:

Press Next on Wizard welcome screen.

Select the Windows source path and Usb drive with browse button and press Next.

A license agreement screen will pop up, just click continue if you accept it.
A warning telling data on USB will be formated will appear.
After completing transfer wizard, press finish. USB is …

E-Mail,Facebook ..Now Google's Wave?

Google has big plans for Google Wave, its new online communication service—and they won't all come from Google.The Web search giant is hoping that software developers far and wide will create tools that work in conjunction with Wave, making an already multifaceted service even more useful. Google (GOOG) is even likely to let programmers sell their applications through an online bazaar akin to Apple's App Store, the online marketplace for games and other applications designed for the iPhone. "We'll almost certainly build a store," Lars Rasmussen, the Google software engineering manager who directs the 60-person team in Sydney, Australia, that created Wave, told "So many developers have asked us to build a marketplace—and we might do a revenue-sharing arrangement."
Combining instant messaging, e-mail, and real-time collaboration, Wave is an early form of so-called real-time communication designed to make it easier for people to work toget…